Taste of the sea. At the table before Christmas

Taste of the sea. At the table before Christmas

What is put on the table in Italy in the days leading up to Christmas?

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Italy is made up of so many regions, each with its own Christmas traditions,
that it is not easy to speak unanimously about typical recipes for the festive days.
But there are some ingredients that bring everyone together.
Like anchovies: a must in the days leading up to the rich, calorific Christmas lunches.

If at Christmas you prefer big meats, lasagna, expensive fish, caviar, lobster and lobster,
on Christmas Eve, vegetables and light, inexpensive fish are preferred.
This is why, before Christmas, anchovies are the queens of low-cost but delicious recipes.
delicious recipes: they are inexpensive and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, calcium and phosphorus.
Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and many other essential nutrients.
Let’s take a look at a few ideas on how best to enjoy them, but first a few clarifications to distinguish anchovies from their peers.

Sardines, Alici or Anchovies?

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Are we talking about the same fish? Confusion on the subject is
around the corner: many people confuse them because of their similarity, calling them all the same.
But let us try to understand them better.
First of all, we have to start by saying that anchovies and alici are the same fish.
They have very similar but not identical processing and preservation methods.
The Alici after being caught are filleted and put in oil (extra virgin olive oil or sunflower seed oil), while anchovies are preserved whole in salt. They belong to the same family of the Engraulidae, but are distinguished according to their biological cycle: anchovies are called
anchovies the smaller and younger fish, anchovies the larger fish.

Let us now see what the difference is between Anchovies and Sardines

Anchovies have a very small, tapered body, rarely exceeding 20 cm, and have beautiful silvery or
golden shades of the scales. Sardines, on the other hand (belonging to the Clupeidae family) are stockier, with
squat, with reddish hues, and can be up to 25 cm long. But the big difference lies in the mouth:
the sardine has a larger lower jaw than the upper one, while the anchovy has a much larger, pointed upper jaw.
much larger and pointed.

Common points: What anchovies and sardines have in common is their flavour, which is strong and intense, the way they are
way of cooking them (fried, baked, breaded), but above all the fact that they belong to the large
family of blue fish, with all its nutritional characteristics. A
other point in common is therefore all geographical: both fish are born and live in the Mediterranean Sea
and as far as Italy is concerned, it is the Adriatic Sea where most of them are fished.

Amati Anchovy Fillets

On Tasto we offer you Anchovies from Amati, an Italian producer that since 1904 has been harvesting what is good and tasty from the sea, preparing it and offering it to the consumer with care and passion.
Among its specialities on sale, we find in glass jars the anchovy fillets (available in oil, evo oil or sunflower seed oil)
and in various sizes and weights. Other delicacies include organic anchovy fillets from the Adriatic Sea and anchovy paste in tubes.

But how to spoil this splendid fish? On warm bread croutons and a brush of
butter for an aperitif or with spaghetti for a first course with special effects.
Here is a very easy, delicious recipe, perfect during the Christmas holidays and also throughout the year.
all year round.

Spaghetti with Anchovies Recipe

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Ingredients for 4 persons

320 g spaghetti (or linguine)
Salted capers
Black olives
2 cloves of garlic
2 jars of anchovies in oil

Bring a large saucepan to the boil for cooking the pasta (be careful, do not add salt while cooking because the anchovies and capers are already very salty).
cooking because the anchovies and capers are already very salty).
In a pan melt over low heat with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
the anchovies drained from their preserving oil with the two peeled garlic cloves, the olives and the
capers rinsed from their salt.
When a creamy mixture forms and the anchovies are completely melted, turn off the heat and store.
In another frying pan, put the breadcrumbs with a teaspoon of evo oil to toast it well.
When the spaghetti are cooked, drain them and put them in the pan with the anchovy sauce, which you have warmed slightly.
sauce that you have slightly warmed up; add a pinch of cooking water to
to cream the spaghetti. Once everything is well mixed, add the
crispy breadcrumbs and serve your spaghetti steaming hot.
If you have some fragrant basil, a few leaves in the dish won’t hurt.
The recipe is very easy and delicious.


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