A dark and chocolatey Christmas with Majani, Italy’s first ‘crunchy’ chocolate producer

A dark and chocolatey Christmas with Majani, Italy’s first ‘crunchy’ chocolate producer


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This is the first Italian chocolate factory to transform chocolate from liquid, into solid chocolate. Turning the pleasure from drinkable, into a slow, crunchy, melting voluptuous interlude.
That of Majani, the Italian house of quality chocolate that since 1796 has been offering goodness to be savoured in small bites, is no ordinary chocolate,
but a unique and inimitable taste experience capable of conquering and never again abandoning the palates of connoisseurs.
In December, with Christmas just around the corner, experiencing Majani means treating yourself and your palate to an exceptional and surprising moment.
The biting winter is the best time to taste Majani chocolate: in summer, with the heat, the chocolate factory interrupts its production to guarantee the very high quality of its products.
Offering and treating yourself to a taste of Majani means treating yourself to an intense sensory experience of dedication, tradition and goodness.

For gourmets and connoisseurs of good chocolate, pronouncing the name Majani
immediately means thinking of two unique, inimitable products that have marked the history
of Italian chocolate:
Scorza chocolate and Cremini chocolates.

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Scorza. Named for its resemblance to the bark of a tree (scorza in Italian), Scorza Majani has been produced since 1832 with a specially built machine
that still makes it a unique, inimitable product. It is the first chocolate in solid form produced in Italy and still retains its appeal, design and taste today.
The Majani masters have been handing down for generations the special processing that gives a unique consistency to the product made from a blend of four varieties of cocoa.
Excellent tasted with Rhum or Whiskey, it is also to be tried on a risotto risotto and balsamic vinegar.
Bitter, black and very dark, Scorza is ideal to excite the palate of true chocolate connoisseurs.

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On Tasto.eu you will find it in two versions: Classic Scorza, with 60 per cent cocoa and Scorza Grezza, extra dark with 90 per cent cocoa.

The Cremino FIAT. Saying the word ‘cremino’ immediately brings to mind softness, warmth, pampering and pleasure.
Four creamy, alternating layers of hazelnut and almond paste that slowly melt in your mouth, literally transforming your palate into an Eden.
It was 1911 when this Majani marvel was born, conceived in honour of the symbol of luxury at the time: the automobile.
In that year, Fiat organised a competition to celebrate the release of the Fiat Tipo 4 model on the market, and Majani with its four-layer cremino won it,
beating off competition from all the chocolate makers in Turin.
In 1913 Majani began to market the product exclusively, later patenting the brand name.
Even today there are many who try to imitate it, but the result is always far from the creaminess and voluptuousness of the original.
Discover on Tasto.eu the Cremino in Fiat Noir (dark chocolate), Fiat Classico, Fiat extra noir, pistachio, almond and coffee flavours.
There are also Limited Editions with Limoncello, Salt and Caramel. The classic Cremino also exists in a Maxi version, to be cut with a knife and devoured in bites.

Bologna and its tortellini.

The origin of Majani’s flavour dates back to 1796 in Bologna.
It was here, in what is to all intents and purposes one of Italy’s most gluttonous cities, that Teresina Majani, progenitor of the oldest family of chocolate makers,
created her first chocolatey marvels.
The philosophy of taste has never faded over the centuries, and in 2000 Majani decided to celebrate her bond with motherland Bologna by inventing the Tortellino,
a chocolate in the shape of the iconic local pasta and filled with milk, white or dark chocolate. For truly connoisseur gourmets.

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The long journey of taste: from cocoa bean to chocolate.

How many people know the long journey that chocolate takes before it arrives in our hands perfectly wrapped?
The journey is long and it takes a lot of skill to achieve a perfect result.
Majani does not use semi-finished products: the secret of its products comes from the selection of the best varieties of cocoa beans from different territories,
cultivated in 20 different areas of origin.
After drying in the sun, the beans, in jute sacks, arrive at the Majani factory. The first stage is cleaning and storage. Next, there is whole bean roasting:
this is the most delicate phase because it is here that the different and unique Majani flavours are obtained.

After the beans have been crushed and dehulled, the cocoa bean is ground into cocoa liquor. To the cocoa paste obtained, the necessary ingredients are added according to recipes.
The mixture is then refined and conched. The chocolate is first cooled and then heated to different temperatures. And finally, the tempered chocolate is poured into special moulds in which it can take various forms: bars, chocolate eggs, chocolates, pralines. Cremini, on the other hand, are produced in specially dedicated lines.

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