Food is knowledge of a territory

In every bite we eat sensations, places, cultures, pieces of history, traditions. Food is a story.


At TASTO, born outside of Italy, but descendants of families who come from the Bel Paese, want to do just that: to tell stories of authentic productions firmly linked to the Italian territory. Territory in which we have our roots and which surprises us at every taste.

Chosing the best and then bringing it to your homes.

You select what you like from our site and we deliver it in your hands in no time. Power of digitalization!

Yes, because we are linked to a solid history of made in Italy gastronomic supply in Europe, which provides us with the know-how of logistics, distribution chains and links with major Italian brands. We are the new generation, children of an era of big changes.

We wanted to evolve and put our knowledge online. Always feeding the curiosity of what is good in our country of origin. Not only that: we also choose DOP and IGP certifications, Bio, Gluten free and Veggy.

And so we bring delights that are difficult to find offline to homes across Europe.

But what is the meaning of the word TASTO?

The Tasto is a horse bone for tasting hams with the nose.

It is used to penetrate the leg of meat by just one cm, for a few seconds and to convey whether the ham is good or bad.

Thanks to its porosity, it is able to capture aromas and transfer them to the nose of the taster, the “sommelier” of hams. Who has an extraordinary flair. He knows how to handle the pin with art to check the degree of maturation of the ham, if it is sweet or salty or if it has imperfections.

An arcane instrument and a gesture with an ancient flavour are still fundamental today, despite the technological evolutions linked to the production of the excellent Italian salami.

History and modernity always linked … just like us.



Italy is a place where each region boasts different recipes, crops, nuances and where there are many artisans capable of enhancing excellent foods.

We love these authentic and delicious products and want to share them with you.

Our continuous research allows us to get to know producers with a great history and capable of sublimating territorial specificities. The passion that drives them combined with innovation guides their hands every day.

Our producers

We want to share with you this wonderful world made of scrupulous gestures and modernity.

And so we decided to publish stories, photos, videos about the producers that we have chosen. Among these photos you can scroll through faces of professions, history, innovation, love.

A BIT OF HISTORY: it happened 50 years ago.

When our grandparents began distributing some of the most important Italian food brands abroad, we were not yet born.

First they began as apprentices, then helpers, then drivers, then salesmen, then small distributors until they became official suppliers, with warehouses of hundreds of square meters.

Our parents learned from them and continued the craft.

And then we come, the third generation, with our hearts always steadfast in the past, our feet in the present and our eyes turned to the future.

The world changes. Our behavior changes. Needs are changing.

In 2017 we began a careful digitization work and started designing a first ecommerce prototype.

Because, we told ourselves, you can try something new alongside existing sales channels.

Thus was born, at the end of 2017, the first Tasto.eu.


We welcome products that arrive directly from Italy and store them with great care in the 2500 square meter warehouse, created to supply shops and restaurants. From here, shipments of orders received online are made.

The warehouse is a suitable place for storing such delicate products and equipped with a whole series of highly technological systems for perfect food preservation. Which is stored in special refrigerated rooms at the right temperature, kept constant for 365 days a year.


The new www.tasto.eu is completely redesigned to offer you an even simpler and more intuitive online shopping experience. To ensure absolute efficiency of the service.

You shop from the comfort of your home. We deliver it to many European countries directly in your hands, at the door of your home or office, within 24 hours or 72 hours at the latest.

In Luxemburg, if you order before 10 am, the shopping arrives in the afternoon of the same day.


Free delivery, minimum purchase required:

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> 65 €

Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK

> 85 €

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10 €


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