Salumeria Tasto

Born out of passion for Italian products and raised on decades of experience within food distribution, TASTO stands for an authentic Italian food experience available at the doorstep of your home, office, vacation destination or elsewhere.

TASTO also carries a meaning in its name.

Tasto is a needle-looking instrument made of horse bone and meant to allow professionals to pinch a ham and taste its flavors and maturity. In the same way it depicts our mission to explore the very essence of Italian products.

Tasto fresh products

Each product available on TASTO is carefully selected and stored by the team of experts, ensuring taste and quality meet all expectations, while offering a unique journey from fields, hills and mountains to the sunny coasts of Italy.

Apart from a large variety of quality-approved products, each TASTO delivery comes in a food-specialized, eco packaging containing isothermal envelopes filled with dry ice that keep fresh ingredients cool up to 5 days from delivery.

Apart from a meticulous product selection and technological innovation that allows a longer life span of fresh ingredients, each TASTO delivery arrives between 24h and 72h.

Tasto customer care

We care for our customers as much as we care for our products. While being at your service anywhere, anytime, we provide:

  • • Free delivery for orders above 35€
  • • Safe, flexible and tracible DHL delivery
  • • Up to 12 days guarantee on fresh and up to 3 months on dry products
  • • Over 300 available products
  • • Invoice containing expiry dates of each product you order
  • • Payment methods that include: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

Your opinion matters. In case of any inquiry or suggestion, please contact us at: info[at]tasto.eu


Behind all products available on TASTO lies a story of a family. A story of a passion. A story of success. Find out more about your favorite brands available on TASTO!


“Artisanal tomato products from the south of Sicily”

“Agromonte is firstly a family before the company”, says Carmelo who together with his wife Ida and their children turned their love of land into a profession. Up to now Agromonte has grown into an innovative food processing company based in Ragusa that has remained truthful to its primary mission – to use only the sweetest and richest cherry and datterino tomatoes, whom they know one by one.

From the most refine palates to those of children, TASTO offers a large variety of Agromonte conventional and organic products, including: sauces, pesto, spreads for bruschette and more. Agromonte oversees each and every step of the production, from sowing, pollination, ripening, harvesting to manufacturing. Following world-known Sicilian tradition, Agromonte products are 100% natural while being certified under the highest control standards.


“Balsamic vinegar IGP produced since the 19th century”

Dating all the way back to the 19Th century family Bellei had been producing balsamic vinegar strictly for their personal usage. In the last decades they have increased the production to meet the different needs of the market and extended to over 3.000 barrels of fine wood.

Despite expanding their production capacity, Bellei has ensured that experience, philosophy, respect for the quality and genuineness of the raw materials passed from one generation to another, remain in-house and continue doing what they know the best – producing an exceptional IGP Balsamic vinegar, proud of its rich and vivacious heritage and available on TASTO.

Italia Tartufi

“Hand-picked truffle products”

In the heart of Marche region, located on the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, almost every morning grandfather Tarquinio would leave with his dog Ufo deep into the forest of oaks and poplars to experience an adventure of truffle search and come back with a feast for the whole family.

By combining the name of Italy, Tarquinio and Ufo, Italia Tartufi wanted to tell their story and revive family memories into new, culinary adventures. By virtue of the craftsmanship and attention to detail handed over from past generations combined with innovative production, Italia Tartufi offers a wide range of premium-quality products available on TASTO