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New arrivals

The products just arrived at Tasto from our pantries to the pantries of your home


Welcome to Tasto.eu, an online boutique of Italian food delivered directly to you.

Our project was born from an idea of ​​the very young Alessandro who, with a group of dreamers, wanted the family business to evolve. A traditional company of Italian expats that for generations has been distributing food made in Italy around Europe. Alessandro transferred online the traditional know-how acquired by the family all these years.

Tasto.eu is dedicated to you, in love with the culture of eating well. Just like us. who were not born in Italy, but we strongly feel the indissoluble bond with this rich and precious land.

Here you will find the symbols of Italian culinary excellence all over the world: famous brands and high potential companies to be discovered.

We are always curious about what is good and authentic from our country of origin. Always with attention to the different nutritional needs. This is why we also choose PDO and PGI, Bio, Gluten free and Veggy certifications for you.

Choose the goodness you like: they will be in your hands in no time.

Tasto is also a place of exploration: read the pages dedicated to producers and the articles on our blog. We will reveal curiosities from the food world, stories of Italian productions that surprise us with each taste.



We discovered them, met them and invited them to be part of our project.

They are the Italian producers who sign the products of Tasto.eu. Those who carry out innovative and historical businesses, family or personal ones, related to food.

They all share the pleasure of conveying delicious knowledge and flavours. To share with the rest of the world the inestimable value that only food can give.

On Tasto.eu we have dedicated an important space to them. A place where images, stories and interviews intertwine to tell you what’s behind a product or brand.



Climb the slopes of the Italian hills, overlooking the coasts washed by the sea, in areas that have always been devoted to agriculture and livestock or uncontaminated and protected. This is where the excellent raw materials are born, transformed into delights that we offer you.

Italy has 50% of European biodiversity. We are discovering it, hungry for curiosity and also for goodness. Set your table and taste them with us … good food brings people together. Especially in a moment of restart like this.

Our selections designed for you

We choose for you the best delights, including PGI and PDO, vegan, gluten free, organic.

Discover our gift ideas

Looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones? Food is always a good idea!



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