Excellence Made in Sicily: the cherry tomato sauce as it once was

Thanks to Carmelo and Ida the Ciliegino becomes a ready-sauce for everyone

A family, a company, the love for Sicily and its typical cherry tomatoes. The flavor of an entire land and a very important tradition such as the ritual of the sauce.

This is Agromonte and much more.

It is an adventure born thanks to the idea of Carmelo and his wife Ida who, in the 70s, recognized the potential of this species of tomatoes and transformed them into a sauce with an incomparable flavor.

The family grows

In the meantime, the four sons Giorgio, Giusy, Marco and Miriam arrived and the company grew.

Together they have made one of the oldest Sicilian traditions a product of excellence Made in Sicily known all over the world: the Ready Cherry Tomato Sauce bottled in beer bottles, complete with a crown cap.

Just like the grandmothers did in the summer: they recovered empty beer bottles to fill them with cherry tomato sauce. In those moments the whole family gathered to contribute: those who washed the tomatoes, those who passed them, those who seasoned and those who sterilised the bottles, those who bottled and those who lit the fire to cook the bottled sauce.

Here, now as then, the result is a full-bodied, sweet and fresh sauce with an unmistakable scent. Without dyes and without preservatives. To be added directly to the pasta.

"Either Agromonte cherry sauce or come to Sicily." says the slogan.

Yes, because when you open the cap it is a piece of Sicily that can be tasted.

Exactly the extreme southeast edge, very close to Ragusa. Overlooking the sea from a 700 m high.

That’s where it all begins. From planting seeds in sunny plantations.

Here the plants are born and grow healthy, in an area devoted to the cultivation of this sweet vegetable.

Plant growth is completely natural.

The Agromonte company does not force the rhythms of nature and lets the bumblebees take care of it.

These insects, which are very important for humans and the ecosystem, freely fly on plantations and pollinate the tomato flowers.


Respect for natural times also applies to the harvest. Which is done by hand, bunch after bunch, in the summer. Only when the cherry tomatoes reach the necessary ripeness, the bright red color and organoleptic properties are optimal.

Within 8 hours of harvesting, the cherry tomatoes become Agromonte sauce or preserves.

The other jars

In addition to the classic sauce or Puttanesca and Arrabbiata, Agromonte also designs jars full of vegetable delights.

Like dried tomatoes in oil, bruschetta creams with artichokes, aubergines and olives.

The Sicilian Pesto and the very Sicilian Caponata di Eggplant.

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