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Slow roasting, defence of quality and respect for the tradition of real Italian espresso

Italian espresso soon became a UNESCO heritage

Did you know that the Italian Espresso is awaiting recognition by UNESCO as an “intangible heritage of humanity”?

Yes, because we wanted to promote, enhance and protect the culture of one of the
undisputed symbols of the Made in Italy. Just try to imagine how much wisdom is contained in a ristretto.

From the plantations to our small cups it is a whole world of history, knowledge and savoir-faire.

This is all that UNESCO wants to recognize.

Also thanks to the contribution of Danesi Caffè, a historic Roman roasting company, which joined the Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee.

Together they carry out this project of enormous socio-cultural value.

Who is in the company?

Ilaria, Giorgia and Giordana Danesi, fourth generation of the Roman coffee family, manage the company and are involved in spreading the noble knowledge of Italian espresso around the world. Not only.

For many years they have chosen to work on excellence and on the short supply chain. In fact, they buy raw materials directly from small and selected producers in Central-South America and Africa.

In addition to the delicious blends, with these sublime grains they also make excellent monocultivars: coffee with an unmistakable aroma, each made with beans from a single country.

Like the monocultivars Guatemala, Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

By supporting small rural communities, Danesi Caffè pursues an important objective: to preserve the biodiversity of crops as an invaluable universal heritage, to support the economic development of small communities and to ensure that their excellent coffee reaches international markets.

The first steps of Danesi Caffè

It all starts in Rome.
Here Alfredo Danesi opens a torrrefazione in the heart of the capital.

The sign read: “Danesi Caffè. Large emporium of raw and roasted coffees. Daily roasting. Express delivery service “.

It was 1905. At that time the roaster was wood fired and spread the unmistakable scent throughout the city. So much so that connoisseurs also came from outside Rome to taste that coffee which, freshly roasted, was a real work of art.

The great Danesi Caffè emporium becomes one of the capital’s reference points for tasting coffee and one of the first addresses in Italy to spread the ritual of the traditional espresso.

From Rome onwards, Caffè Danesi has come a long way. From Giovanni, son of the founder and great taster and popularizer of espresso coffee, the company passes to his sons Roberto and Alfredo. It is thanks to their work that Caffè Danesi goes beyond national borders and is now enjoyed in more than 60 countries around the world.

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