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De Carlo

De Carlo​

A passionate family that has been producing extra virgin olive oil for centuries. An oil without compromise and with a capital O

Pinch in the throat? Then it's good

De Carlo extra virgin olive oil has that typical bitter taste that stings in the throat.

“When you taste it you must get a cough. Then it means that it is good and that it is good for you”, says Marina De Carlo, as she explains how to taste an oil and recognize the quality one.

And “something” Marina knows about it since it belongs to an Apulian family dedicated to the production of oil since 1600.

Oil masters

Oil masters for four centuries, the De Carlo family have handed down the secrets for the production of the precious and award-winning oil for generations.

Currently the historic Apulian oil mill is in the skilled and passionate hands of Saverio and Grazia De Carlo, flanked by their children Marina and Francesco, together with their son-in-law Arturo. All, working hard, have managed to achieve the highest quality standards nationally and internationally.

Only Bio

For decades, the family has invested in organic farming to guarantee an even healthier oil.
Not only.

The elders used to say that to make a good oil you have to grind the olives in the day.

Well. De Carlo has improved this process. The harvested olives are pressed in the family-owned oil mill a few hours after the harvest. Which is done by hand in the period between October 15th and December 15th.

The goodness and freshness of the oil are guaranteed.

Gold of Puglia

The main varieties of olives are Ogliarola Barese, a typical Apulian cultivar and much appreciated since ancient times, and Coratina, the mother of all local oils. Both grown with organic farming methods.

In addition to the De Carlo Classico extra virgin olive oil made with a blend of the two varieties, the family produces Monocultuvair selections that guarantee a typical and unique flavor.

Like the extra virgin olive oil “Olio di Felice Garibaldi”, 100% Ogliarola monocultivar and Slow Food presidium.
Or like “Tenuta Torre di Mossa” extra virgin olive oil, 100% Coratina DOP monocultivar: bolder and with a very high concentration of polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants with positive biomedical effects certified for health. Or the organic “Tenuta Arcamone”. Also this is 100% Coratina DOP. Among the most intense and at the same time balanced, slightly bitter and with strong and persistent spiciness.

The Preserves

Alongside the oil, the company produces other specialties. Such as olives in brine or vegetable preserves picked in the proprietary lands and preserved in De Carlo evo oil.

The vegetables are processed within 24 hours of harvesting to ensure freshness and unaltered flavor.


The De Carlo family owns one of the oldest oil mills in Italy, so much so that it is under the constraint of the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts.

Even today, the olives from the harvest are pressed in this mill which, alongside new cutting-edge technology systems, has retained some traditional methods such as the stone mill.

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