The story of Egidio Galbani, master cheesemaker and avant-garde entrepreneur


We tell you a beautiful story of quality, entrepreneurship and avant-garde marketing: the story of Galbani, the Italian leader in dairy products and cheeses.

When television made its first appearance in the homes of Italians in the 1950s, Galbani had an intuition and placed its products in the advertisements of the time.

During the Carosello (a series of comic sketches in black and white), Ercolino, small and skinny, became very strong eating Galbani cheese. So strong that he can lift weights of a few tons.
The sketches ended with the famous slogan: “Galbani vuol dire fiducia” (Galbani means trust).

Thus it was that the brand of Italian cheeses won everyone’s trust and ended up on the tables of Italians.

1900 Paris Expo: First Prize for Galbani

Today Galbani belongs to the multinational Lactalis, but the story begins at the end of the 19th century, when dad Davide and son Egidio Galbani start producing cheese in a village near Como.

The cheeses were so good that in 1900 they won the First Prize at the Paris Expo.

“The fact that the Paris Expo Jury awarded me the First Prize is the clearest and most irrefutable proof that my specialties can compete with those of all other countries.” Egidio Galbani proudly said.

More Tiramisù for everyone!

One of the first cheeses to be loved beyond the Italian borders, after the famous Bel Paese Galbani, was the super creamy Mascarpone Galbani.

The sine qua non ingredient of tiramisù has a centuries-old history, but it was thanks to this company that from 1925 it began to enrich recipes from all over Europe.

«Missile» Galbani

In the 1930s the Galbani cheese sector was by now consolidated. And what about cured meats?

The entrepreneurial courage of Egidio Galbani did not stop.
The smell of the Second World War could already be felt. As long as he was in time, he had to realise an objective set time ago. So in 1936 it diversified and began the production of exquisite Galbani cured meats.

Curiosity: in the 1950s, in the midst of aerospace missions, the Mortadella Galbani took on a themed format. It was a two-meter long mortadella called “Missile Galbani”. It was packaged with missile nose and wings and placed on a display that resembled a launch pad.

To the delight of all children.

Galbani invents the "new" mozzarella

Galbani continues to invest in technology and innovation and since 1965 begins to produce mozzarella in a new guise.

Did you know that the dairy queen needs to be dipped in her buttermilk until it is consumed? But at that time the mozzarella was distributed inside non-watertight wooden boxes and therefore required the use of ice to prevent it from being damaged.

A practical and innovative version has been on the market since 1965: Galbani mozzarella is distributed in a single, sealed package. In there she could finally remain immersed in her precious liquid. Quality, goodness and hygiene were guaranteed!

So Galbani invents the modern mozzarella as we all know it today.

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