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Pastificio Liguori

The producers of Gragnano I.G.P. pasta, the only pasta in the world with the PGA appellation

Pasta from Gragnano IGP Liguori

Located between Naples, Capri and Amalfi, Gragnano has been the place par excellence of the art of Italian pasta since 1500. A pasta with such fine qualities that it has obtained, unique in the world, the PGI (Protected Geographical Identification).

The PGI certification protects Gragnano pasta from counterfeiting and abuse.

And it is in Gragnano that the Liguori Pasta Factory was born more than 200 years ago.

Only pristine water and fine grains

The unique climatic characteristics, the best durum wheat of southern Italy and the pristine water of the Monti Lattari Regional Park, guarantee the Pasta Liguori a superior quality.

The working method of the pasta factory is inspired by the Gragnanese tradition pasta makers of the past.
The bronze drawing gives the surface a special roughness to retain the condiments and enhance their flavor.

Low temperature drying and and slowness, even for 18 hours, ensure the integrity of the raw material and preserve the important nutrients of the flour. Just like two centuries ago, when the Liguori story began.

Via Roma, Gragnano

It all began in 1795 in Gragnano, in via Roma, the street where the various pasta factories of the time were located next to each other. A privileged area not only for the proximity of the raw material, but also for the heliothermic conditions. Exposure to the sun, the sea breeze that crossed the street and the warm air transformed Via Roma into a “factory” for drying pasta in the open air.

That year Gaetano Liguori, the founder, obtained the concession to “make and sell macaroni in his shop”. Thus was born one of the oldest pasta factories in Italy and in the world.

A few decades later, in 1845, King Ferdinand II of Bourbon tasted Liguori pasta and granted the pasta factory the privilege of supplying pasta for the royal summer residence. Success was not long in coming and the Liguori macaroni became the most popular nationally and internationally.

2013: the year of the turning point

The fruits of such respectful and exciting centuries-old work arrived in 2013, when Pasta di Gragnano received the PGI.

Protected Geographical Identification defends and certifies this exceptional production history at a European level and testifies to a tradition to be preserve now and in the future.

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