Molino Grassi

Molino Grassi

Molino Grassi

Stories of the Grassi family cultivating organic ancient grains for excellent Made in Italy flours

The future of carefully grown wheat

Grassi is the name of the Italian family, for many years, has created, developed and given continuity to an ambitious project: to make flours and semolina of the highest quality.

The relentless search for exclusive grains, uncontaminated farmland and avant-garde techniques has given birth to a valuable line of flours ideal for baking, pizza, pasta and pastry. All healthy, light and superior both in terms of quality and nutritional values.

The Grassi family project was successful. Molino Grassi is today leader in the world of organic flour, research and development of special cereal varieties. Without ever stopping because cultivating the present with care guarantees a better future.

What is Molino Grassi's past?

It was 1934 and Italy was still a predominantly agricultural country.

The history of the company begins with a family of millers in the heart of one of the most important cereal regions of Italy: Parma, in Emilia Romagna.

The family name was Grassi. The same one who is still at his head today.
At that time, a boy named Silvio Grassi was a miller in a stone mill.

The boy wants to progress and rents a mill. He remodels and equips it with cutting-edge machinery.
After only 2 years, production increases to 100-150 quintals per day.

The years of the Second World War began and things were not easy, but once peace returned Silvio Grassi made the big leap and bought his own mill. He looks to the future, invests, studies, knows every type of cereal and all the typical production of his territory, ear by ear. Then he transfers his knowledge to the children and the children of the children.

Molino Grassi reaches its fourth generation and becomes a successful company also at an international level.

Organic and Ancient Grains

Today Federica, Silvio, Massimo and Andrea Grassi work with particular attention to organic farming and old-fashioned grains. To them we owe the preservation of an entire heritage of territorial and varietal biodiversity. Like the rediscovery of ancient grains in the province of Parma, including Miracolo wheat. From this was born a special blend, rich in nutrients, ground exclusively in the Grassi factory. Ideal for obtaining bakery products with a unique taste and aroma.

Then there’s Manitoba, great for tall pizzas and chewy desserts like panettone and colomba. And again the multi-cereal, very fragrant, spelled flour, bio Khorasan Kamut flour, wholemeal flour and many others.

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