Caffe Vergnano


From a small coffee roaster in Turin, the dream grows, travels and spreads throughout the world

An old coffee shop on the Turin hills

Vergnano is a love story for coffee, which dates back to 1882.

This date returns to the Caffè Vergnano 1882 brand because it is from that moment that the Vergnano family’s dream began.

And, as always in stories related to gastronomy, it all starts with a small shop. Domenico Vergnano, a coffee lover, opens his roasting in the hills, in a small village near Turin.

The family learns all the secrets of coffee. Then a big decision: the purchase of a coffee producing farm in Kenya.
From that moment the attention to quality grows more and more because every grain is cared for since its birth and reaches the shop still green. To be then toasted very slowly, which allows to obtain a uniform roasting that respects all the aroma of each grain.

From the shop to a real company

The family inheritance passes to the children and grandchildren and the dream becomes even more ambitious.

Caffè Vergnano’s philosophy spreads, travels, conquers new lands and grows in the foreign market with over 150 coffee shops in 88 countries.

Dustin Hoffman also wants to learn how to make Italian coffee

Super funny the commercial of a few years ago in which Mr Vergnano puts his face next to that of Dustin Hoffman.

The famous American actor does all he can to learn the secrets of real Italian coffee. The various sketches that follow one another see a Dustin Hoffman in trouble as he learns the difference between short, long, spotted, narrow … but the best is yet to come: the assembly of the coffee maker. Arg!

Lietofine: the clumsy American manages to prepare an excellent espresso and proudly hands it to the master: “good?”; “Yup”; “I did it”.

Slow roasting as it once was

The years go by, the number of trusted plantations all over the world increases, but the care remains the same.

The still green coffee continues to arrive in the company to be roasted as it once was.

Pietro Vergnano chooses only the best beans. Then there is Mr. Carlo who personally tests the coffee. He knows how to recognize the quality and the different origins that are the basis of Vergnano coffee blends. Blends such as Gran Aroma, strong and creamy, or the delicate and perfect Antica Bottega for mocha, or 100% Arabica coffee in Espresso and Moka version or even the Decaffeinated, in grains or ground and in compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

Coffee is a woman

Carolina, who, like the rest of her family, has chosen to dedicate her life to her love for coffee, has made Vergnano magic known abroad.

Carolina Vergnano also develops projects to support adequate working conditions for female workers. In fact, the hands that for the vast majority work the land and grains are feminine.

Under the slogan “Coffee is a woman” Carolina carries out various campaigns to improve the rights of coffee women all over the world.

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