Specialities from Europe

The best option for your super-energetic breakfast or for a satisfying snack, or to regain energy after sports, here is our range of Corny cereal bars and teas.

For a natural and delicious boost from the moment you wake up, what could be better than energizing cereal bars paired with a steaming cup of tea?

Corny cereal bars are tasty and convenient, perfect for a little dose of charhe!
Discover on Tasto.eu all the flavors of crunchy Corny bars that will satisfy your cravings.

And for a bit of rejuvenation, here are our teas. From Earl Grey to green tea, including herbal teas for digestion, detox, and organic options. On Tasto.eu, you’ll find a wide variety of teas and herbal infusions that will fulfill all your desires.

Explore our e-commerce platform for online purchase of cereal bars, teas, and infusions, delivered directly to your home, right into your hands. You’ll find them in our European Specialties.

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