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Artisan Rigatoni


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Do they perhaps need introductions?

The artisanal Rigatoni by ItalianaVera, made using the classic bronze trafile technique, are one of the most beloved pasta shapes in the world, right after the evergreen spaghetti.

And why are they called this way? Because they are covered in ridges (righe), a brilliant idea dating back hundreds of years.
It is precisely between these carefully sculpted ridges that the sauce is trapped, giving each bite an extraordinary flavor. A true pleasure for the palate!

But let us share a bit of history with you.

The first enthusiasts of this pasta shape were the Italians from the South, with a particular devotion from the Sicilians,
who over a century ago cooked Rigatoni in a typical earthenware pot called “taganu” .
To enhance the tapered shape of the pasta dish cooked in this pot, the vessel was broken, and the delicious contents were served at the table.

Today, Rigatoni has earned a special place on tables around the world, showcasing their versatility in countless recipes.
We can enjoy them paired with hearty sauces, meat ragù, vegetables, and sausages. A culinary experience full of taste and pleasure.

A little recipe?

And let’s not stop there, as these exquisite little tubes are also perfect for baked casseroles, embraced by succulent meat sauces, fried eggplants, and Pecorino cheese.
In this case, I recommend taking them out of the oven only when they are well-browned and crispy, for a lip-smacking result!

Durum wheat semolina, water.
It may contain traces of shellfish or soy.
Energy Value 1486kJ/351kcal
Fat 1,8g
of which saturated fatty acids <0,27g
Carbohydrates 68,15g
of which sugars 3,05g
Fibres 4,7g
Proteins 13,14g
Salt 0,0075g

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