Chocolate Scorza grezza 90%

Chocolate Scorza grezza 90%


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We present to you the first solid chocolate tablet born in Italy. Here is the latest version with 90% cocoa.

The small Scorza chocolate tablet from the Italian chocolate house Majani was the first version of solid chocolate ever produced in Italy.
Its origin dates back to 1832 when the founder of the house had an intuition: to create a chocolate for biting (up to that point, chocolate was only used for drinking or as a spice).

Its rough and rugged texture evokes tree bark, hence its name “scorza.”
In addition to the classic version (the first to be created) with 60% cocoa, a more crumbly version called “Grezza” has recently been introduced, with 90% cocoa, catering to dark chocolate enthusiasts.

Scorza Grezza is dedicated to those who prefer a more intense dark chocolate.

Majani’s Scorza Grezza chocolate pairs well with sweet and liqueur wines.
It is also a precious ingredient for recipes such as chocolate risotto or tiramisu.
Grating it imparts an intense flavor to these two recipes and many others you might want to experiment with.

Cocoa mass, wholemeal cocoa flour, sugar.
It may contain traces of Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Milk and Soy.
Energy Value 2245kJ/542kcal
Fat 39g
of which saturated fatty acids 36g
Carbohydrates 27g
of which sugars 11g
Proteins 11g
Salt 0,03g

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