Panettone Chocolate drops Caffarel

Panettone Chocolate drops Caffarel


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Panettone is one of the oldest and best known Italian Christmas cakes.

Its fluffy, honeycombed structure, scented with butter and vanilla makes it the king of Christmas tables.
Throughout the meal, one waits for nothing more than to unwrap the panettone, smell its heady fragrance and savour its soft, sweet texture.

Bottega Balocco‘s high-end Panettone follows the old traditional recipe and is made with fresh mother yeast.

Panettone with Chocolate drops Caffarel

Caffarel’s exclusive chocolate chips were chosen for the Panettone with Chocolate Drops, made with a blend of the best qualities of cocoa from Ecuador and Ghana, to give the product the perfect harmony given by the combination of the more acidic and bitter notes of the Forastero variety and the aromatic and sweet notes of the prized Trinitaria variety.

The leavening of Bottega Balocco’s Panettone is natural and lasts several hours to guarantee perfect swelling. Very characteristic is the upside-down post-baking drying that guarantees the high and puffy shape.

For your Christmas lunch, surprise your guests: a slice of Bottega Balocco chocolate chip panettone, accompanied by a good glass of passito wine, and the party is assured!

This Christmas cake is a true Italian heritage of knowledge and goodness.
It is said that the name derives from an ancient episode that occurred in the 15th century, when, in Milan, the cook in the service of Ludovico il Moro was commissioned to prepare a sumptuous Christmas lunch to which many nobles were invited. Unfortunately, the cake was accidentally left in the oven and burnt to a crisp. Seeing the cook’s despair, Toni, a small scullery boy, suggested bringing to the table a cake he had prepared with what was left in the larder.
The duke and the nobles licked their lips and this cake was renamed ‘pan de Toni’, hence Panettone.

From that moment on, its success has not stopped.

Even today it is protected by a specification. Since panettone originated in Milan, it was the Milanese confectioners who drew up a specification to protect the ingredients and the working process in 2003.
These were incorporated into a ministerial decree formalising the rules for the production of real panettone.