Roman-Style Artichokes

Roman-Style Artichokes


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D’Amico‘s Roman-Style Artichokes bring the culinary tradition of the Italian capital to your table.
This dish has deep roots dating back to the 16th century in the Jewish ghetto of Rome.

D’Amico’s Roman-Style Artichokes are carefully selected, stripped of tough leaves, spines, and inner barbs.
They are then cooked and preserved in oil, preserving their freshness and goodness.
What makes these artichokes even more exquisite are the Mediterranean herbs and a hint of garlic enclosed in the jar.

The producer D’Amico has been awarded the “Certificato Elite”, an honor reserved exclusively for outstanding companies with a high potential for growth and innovation.
This certification, issued by the Borsa Italiana, attests to D’Amico’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in every product.

Choose D’Amico’s Roman-Style Artichokes to enhance your table.
They are perfect as a side for meat and fish, for topping pizzas and focaccias, or for enjoying with a good mild cheese.

Once the jar is opened, store by adding olive oil to the surface and consume within a few weeks.

Artichokes, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, natural flavoring, aromatic plants, chilli, citric acid acidity regulators, ascorbic acid antioxidants.

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