The sea inside, a precious asset

The sea inside, a precious asset

Progetto senza titolo174 1 The first ingredient for a good fish dish is the sea. Clean, good, fragrant, without pollution, and rich in fish.
Certainly, today it seems almost impossible, but there are those who, thanks to respect for fishing and the use of appropriate tools and a clear philosophy focused on the well-being of the sea,
manage to overcome the challenge. Rizzoli Emanuelli, a fish preserves producer from Parma, has been exalting respect for the sea for over a century
by offering consumers unique, good, and ethically impeccable products.
Their motto? “Ante Lucrum Nomen”: since 1906, reputation before profit, product quality above all.

Sustainability, traceability, and quality

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Sustainability of fishing. Supply chain traceability. Product quality. These are the three pillars of Rizzoli Emanuelli, the company that since 1906
has been offering consumers impeccable products in taste and ethics (all certified MSC and Friend of Sea), always in respect of the seas.
Their anchovies are only caught in selected areas using lampara, like in the past, wrapping the schools with circular nets, a sustainable technique that ensures intact fish with firm flesh.
The producer also guarantees the entire chain of anchovies from the sea to the table. And thanks to an online traceability system, we can all discover in a few moments the history of the purchased product.

Respectful for 5 generations

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In the processing of anchovies, Rizzoli Emanuelli boasts an ultracentenary experience for five generations.
Everything is still done by hand: gutting, processing, canning, and checks. The result is a unique product, of authentic artisan excellence.

On you are spoilt for choice: among the iconic Rizzoli Emanuelli products we have the Anchovies in spicy sauce in the irresistible iconic tin (also in a spreadable tube version).
The precious sauce in which the anchovies are placed has been handed down strictly by word of mouth for five generations,
and before being added to the product it is left to mature for six months in wooden barrels that once contained Marsala wine.
The result on the palate is surprising. In addition to hot bread, anchovies in spicy sauce are also excellent on fish or pasta marinara.
And then we have Adriatic anchovies in EVO oil (extraordinary on a slice of warm bread and butter), Pink Tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil, grilled Mackerel in a special spicy sauce,
and also Great Anchovy Paste made from the best anchovies minced with olive oil, salt and natural flavourings.
Only sea and lots of love then, but for the sea to be good on the plate it must first be deeply respected.

Sustainable fishing, the three MSC principles

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What is Sustainable Fishing? To dispel any doubt, here are the 3 principles of the MSC standard (Marine Steward Council, the non-profit organization that promotes sustainable fishing practices)
that should be strictly respected.
First: let fishing leave enough fish in the sea for the marine population to reproduce.
Second: fishing must be done in a way that minimizes its impact on the ecosystem.
Third: fishing must be managed responsibly in accordance with laws.
Fishing according to the principles of the MSC standard is fundamental to safeguard the oceans, which provide habitat for an important source of protein for 3 billion people.
Choosing only products from certified sustainable fishing also means ensuring livelihoods for people directly and indirectly involved in the fishing industry.
And the principles of sustainable fishing are precisely what Rizzoli Emanuelli has been consistently implementing for over a century. Taste to believe.

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