Tomatoes: easy to say, but do you really know them?

Tomatoes: easy to say, but do you really know them?

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Beautiful, round. Or long and sinuous. Big, small, very small. Always fragrant.
Strictly red, but also yellow. Saying tomato means opening a world of scents, textures, and thoughts that run through two regions of Italy for which the sun is a reason for existence:
Campania and Sicily. While in the former, the San Marzano, a noble DOP product with a long shape, reigns supreme; in Sicily, it’s primarily the Pachino IGP with its four varieties that stands out.

Campania, at the court of its majesty, the San Marzano

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In Campania, the San Marzano tomato from the Agro Sarnese Nocerino dictates the law of taste, also known as the “red gold” for its invaluable economic value.
Thanks to the flavor and consistency of its pulp, it is perfectly suited for transformation into peeled or pureed forms of every aroma and consistency,
but also perfect for fresh sauces to dress pasta, meatballs, and, of course, Neapolitan pizza.

But the geography of tomatoes in Campania is vast, and in addition to the San Marzano DOP, it includes some gems: from the Re Umberto tomato,
known as the Fiascone, elected as the tomato of the Amalfi Coast. It is used for home preserves, but above all for the inimitable pizzas of the city of Tramonti.
And then there is the Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP: iconic of Naples, this tomato, famous for its dramatic presentation in beautiful clusters, is also present in Neapolitan nativity scenes.
Also known as the tomato that grows without water (due to the scarcity of water on Vesuvius), it can be either yellow or red.
Perfect for homemade purees for preserves, it is versatile in the kitchen and can be paired with any dish.
Not to forget the Corbarino tomato, grown on vine terraces of the Monti Lattari, and the Pomodorino di Rofrano, cultivated in Cilento and perfect for fish dishes.

Pachino Tomato, a Sicilian king that goes the extra mile

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Pachino is a highly varied and versatile vegetable that is born, grows, and is harvested in the Pachino, Portopalo, Noto, and Ispica area in the province of Syracuse.
There are four types on the market for this tomato: the cherry variety is the one that has the greatest notoriety;
alongside it, there is also the smooth round in its single fruit and cluster varieties and the ribbed, bright green tomato, recognizable for the green rays that branch out from the stem on the surface.
Since January 2017, the IGP label has also been recognized for Plum and Mini-Plum varieties, the so-called datterino.
Pachino tomatoes are excellent for Mediterranean sauces to dress pasta, but they can also be enjoyed raw in fresh and healthy salads.

Agromonte: the sun of Sicily

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The sun of Sicily illuminates with products from Agromonte, a brand that cultivates and processes its products in the sunny province of Ragusa.
Among those available online, we find the Ciliegino Tomato Sauce with aromatic herbs enclosed in a small amber-colored glass bottle to protect the product from light.
The sauce is already seasoned with celery, carrots, onion, basil, and extra virgin olive oil, and is ready to use. Just heat it slightly and add it to pasta and enjoy it in all its sweetness.
And then there’s also the Datterino Tomato Sauce with aromatic herbs, also available in the Bio version.
On, of course, the Ciliegino Tomato Puree cannot be missing (excellent and indispensable for a perfect Margherita pizza).

ItalianaVera: the scent of Campania

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The warm Campanian soil is available on thanks to the products of ItalianaVera, all characterized by a modern and captivating packaging, with milk cartons that, in terms of colors,
look like small works of art that wink at pop art, and glass jars with original shapes.
Among those that can be ordered and received at home, we find milk cartons of Pomodorino Spunzillo, the tomato of the Vulcano, and Pomodoro Corbarino;
while among the jars stands out the Corbarino tomato from the Monti Lattari and the Pummarulella of the yellow tomato.
But whether in jars or in cartons, the result remains the same: all these tomatoes, immersed in their juice, give recipes an intense taste of freshly picked tomatoes.
Excellent to consume, in addition to pasta, also raw on pizzas and bruschettas.

Enjoy your tomato with!

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